2012. január 9., hétfő

It was just a bad dream...

I woke with a silent scream. My head was covered in sweat, my heart was beating fast.
I looked around, and realized it was all a bad dream.

-Are you alright?- Fluttershy asked, while she woke up slowly.
-I'm... okay...-
-Did you have a nightmare?-
-Yeah, the worst kind... a memory from long ago.-

I dreamt about her again... We were best friends for a long time, we were almost like a brother and sister. We always helped each other. Whenever she needed someone to help, or lend a shoulder I was there for her, whenever I needed someone to drive away my sadness, she was there for me. We were really good friends.
But then she started changing. She started acting weird. She has done some things I never though she would. I tried to understand, I tried to stop her. No matter how many times I told her that she will regret what she was doing, she didn't listen.
We started to separate. We talked and met less...
I just couldn't follow her on the path she chose...
Our frienship ended. She kept blaming me, she made me feel guilty...
She was one of the reasons I had to leave my hometown.

-Allhearts?- Fluttershy asked and raised her hoof gently to my face. -Are you... are you alright? You' re crying.-
I wiped my eyes.
-She's... she's still haunting me. She was yelling... she said, that is't all my fault, and she sent those 3 to torment me...-

It didn't actually happened like that, but in my dream she was like a demon and those 3 were her minions.

Tears started running from my eyes again. Fluttershy wiped them off gently and wrapped her hooves around me. Her warmth calmed me down.

-It's okay... she can't hurt you anymore. It was just a bad dream.-

This was just a fic but the dream actually happened last night...