2009. december 4., péntek

fate is interesting

I met her at a place I never thought I could achieve. From many girls she was the only one, I found interesting, and valuable. We had the same interests, and goals. We all started the same road, but the rush was too hard for me, so I gave up at the very begining. We never met or talked again.

Many years later I found out that she completed the road I couldn't even start. She achieved her goals. The same goals, that I had. She is right now at a place I always wanted to be.

And me?
I'm stuck here, in a little shop, where I can do nothing to build up my future. Every day is the same routine. Getting up, working all day, getting home tired and angry, sleeping until morning.

When I found out that she has completed her goals, I began to think... what if I haven't given up that time? Would I have succeed? Could I have achieve my goals? Would my life be different?
Would I be happy?

I guess I'll never know.

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