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Life RPG (...but you end up playing it...)

Game start.
Warning, once the game started, it can not be stopped. The only way to stop the game is to kill your character. This game can cause massive depression and exhaustion psychosis. Enjoy the game.

Main menu: Start
Options (not available)
Settings (not available)

Choose your character. Attention! In this game, you can not choose your character, or your gender. The game will randomly choose for you. Your chosen character can not be changed.

Chapter x: Age: 22
Status: working at your family's car parts shop. You hate your job, but you are doing it adeptly. Every day in your life is like hell itself. You sometimes wonder about quiting this game, but you end up playing it...
Day x: Hp:100 (healt points)
Rp:3 (rage points)
Mood: average
Mental status: average

Mission 1: getting up and getting ready for work.
07:10am. Enemy appeared! *Beep Beep Beep* (digital clockmonster. lvl: 2, spec: respawns at every morning, except on sundays).
Monster attacks. Damage received: 1.
You attack. Damage given: 12. The monster is dead. Exp:+0,2. Rp:+1.
You wash your face, and get dressed. You go downstairs. You prepare a glass of peach juice, and a special health protecting potion (aka: Actimel, strawberry flavoured) Health restored.
As you prepare yourself mentally, you watch a magical box, containing old people, talking in gibberish (aka: Mokka. A tv program mostly about politics.) Rp:+1.
Special moves -> Summoning
Summoning a metal transport creature. (aka: car)
Creature summoned: Mystical, metalgreen creature, Fiat Bravo. He is your favourite creature.
Mood: +5
You arrive to the shop. You start charging up the mystical machines (aka:computer), that can locate almost every metal transport creature, and you can summon parts to these creatures with it. Neat.
Mission 1 complete. Exp: +20

Mission 2: work.
08:00am. You open the family shop.
You wait for random leveled costumers to come in. -you are hoping that they are not Droids-
Note: the creatures called Droids are pretty harmful to your health, and mental health. Better to avoid them.
Random curse struck! Time Bind! Time passes really really slow... Damage received: 0,5 per 15 minutes. Rp: +2 per hour.
Random costumer arrives. You can handle his order. He paid 2650gold and left. Succes rate: +1

Random costumer arrives. Curse! He is a Droid!. His order for parts are messed up. You don't understand a thing he says. Damage received: 5. Mental status: dropping...
You try to settle his order. He ordered a special part, you need to get yourself.
Damage received: 12. Mental status: grimly, still dropping.
The Droid left. You have bad thoughts about the creature that is responsible for this droid to be born (aka: his mother).

Random miracle! You can choose, wheter you want to skip time to 17:00pm.
You have skipped time. Damage received: 65. Mental status: hate humanity. Mood: very pissed.
Mission 2 completed. Exp: +125

You are at home. Your only wish for today is to sleep.
22:00pm. You get up. You charge up your machine, the same type you use at your shop, but this one is better.
You find some of your friends through a portal, where people can meet each other in spirit
(aka: msn).
You share your experiences about today, and your feelings of lonelyness.
Pity received from 3 friends. Negligence received from 1 friend.
02:00am. You go to bed, thinking about the same cursed days that awaits for you.

End of the day status: Hp: 13
Mood: depressed, lonely, shameful.
Mental status: unstable, near to a nervous break-down.

Your last thoughts for the day:
You are thinking about quiting the game, but you end up playing it.

You always end up playing it.


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